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How our Home Care Team Helps Prevent Infection at Home

How our Home Care Team Helps Prevent Infection at Home

You can’t risk infection when you have sensitive family members at home, such as your elderly loved ones. As your partners in providing Personal Care in Herndon, Northern Virginia, we advocate for a well-maintained home so that your aging loved one is safe and secure in your abode. With proper housekeeping, infection prevention can be achieved. Here are helpful tips to prevent infectious disease from possibly being passed on to different members of the household:

  • Ensure that the senior’s personal items are washed properly.
    Because your loved one is vulnerable to infections, make sure that the items they use are free from infectious substances, or will have reduced risk of infections. Wash their bed linens every week mostly. Make sure that their eating utensils are sanitized. Clean up their room thoroughly so that possible allergens will not have space inside.
  • Wash your hands before assisting your Granny.
    Before you help out your senior loved one in their daily activities, it’s prudent to maintain the hand-washing habit. Since they need extra precaution, proper handwashing can keep you from passing on whatever infection substance that may complicate their aging condition. To help you out, our professionals providing Home Care in Virginia can also take your place in assisting your loved one when you’re not around.
  • Avoid caring for your elderly loved one when you’re not feeling well.
    Whenever you feel that you’re not in good physical condition to be of assistance to your senior loved one, better to stay away from them. This way, you can help prevent the possibility of forwarding infection. Meanwhile, strive to recover as fast as you can by taking your medications, resting well, and staying hydrated. Professional providers of Companionship in Herndon, Virginia can temporarily take your place when you’re physically unwell to do so.
  • Maintain proper housekeeping at home.
    When your abode is well-maintained, you’re reducing the chances of acquiring allergens that may trigger respiratory complications to your senior loved one. If your air conditioning devices need cleaning, for instance, it’s better to get help from professional cleaners to ensure that you have a well-maintained appliance. Home care providers can also back you up in administering housekeeping arrangements at home.
  • Avoid sharing your personal items.
    Even if they’re your family members, avoid the practice of sharing very personal items to help preserve their overall health. Infectious substances can come in very secretly, and without proper preventive practice, you might not notice that someone at home is already affected. To help address this, it’s safer to keep personal items to yourself.

Let us help you achieve proper maintenance and housekeeping at home so that infection prevention is better achieved. Our professional care providers at Attentive Home Care, Inc. is here to assist you so that your care needs are met. When your senior loved one also needs long-term assistance, we’re also here ready to support them.

If you’re interested to learn about our services, don’t hesitate to inquire.

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