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Senior Care: Hydration Tips That Caregiver Needs to Know About

Senior Care Hydration Tips That Every Family Caregiver Needs to Know About

Getting the adequate amount of water in the body, or hydration is a necessity for your senior loved one. The warm temperature may have negative health effects on your loved one, especially if they’re not feeling well or are taking more than one medication. So if you’re caring for an elderly family member at home, take extra care in ensuring they’re well-hydrated.

As a provider of Home Care in Virginia, we would like to supplement your knowledge in caring for your senior loved one. We have gathered the following tips to help you provide the adequate hydration for a senior family member:

  • Drink water
    Water is undoubtedly the default source of hydration for people of all ages. Most especially for your fragile senior loved one, water can help refresh them during episodes of warm temperature. Aside from that, seniors may also not feel thirsty very often. This lack of thirst signal may cause the senior to think that they don’t need that much water when they’re actually getting dehydrated already. For this reason, there has to be a regular reminder of their water intake just to ensure that they’re taking an adequate amount of liquid into their body without waiting for the thirst signal.
  • Take water alternativesWhile water is your ultimate source of hydration, there are also other sources that are still healthy and ideal for your senior loved one. Consider this list:
    • Watery fruits, such as watermelon, orange, and grapes
    • Watery vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumber, and bell pepper
    • Smoothie/shake which provides you the mixture of water and fruits and other healthy ingredients
  • Serve soup
    Serving your senior loved one with a soup can also help them stay hydrated. Soups are already tasty and watery which can be a good supplement, although not a complete replacement of water. Your senior loved one can also benefit from the assistance of a licensed dietitian from a home care agency that also provides Companionship in Herndon, Virginia. In this way, soups prepared for them will be in accordance with their overall dietary recommendation.

While there are other alternatives to water in attaining hydration, it still remains to be the essential resource that should be taken in plenty. Depending on the health conditions of your senior loved one, they may have a different water intake requirement compared with other older adults. You may have to verify this aspect with their primary physician. But as a general rule, the healthy requirement of water intake is around 7-8 glasses every day. This amount is approximately 2-2.5L of water daily.

At Attentive Home Care, Inc., we help you provide adequate and quality care for your senior family member at home. We can help you out in preparing healthy meals for your loved one, light housekeeping, and Personal Care in Herndon, Northern Virginia, among others.

Do you have a friend who’s taking care of a senior loved one at home? Show your love by sharing this helpful information with them.

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