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Ways in Being Attentive to the Needs of Seniors

Being Attentive to the Needs of Seniors in 4 Ways

Deciding on the best course to take in providing the right care, support, and assistance for your elderly loved ones can sometimes be vexing. On one hand, you would want them to be taken care of and monitored 24/7, so placing them in a shared residential home might be the option you are leaning to. On the other hand, you may also want to find an alternative that can provide your elderly loved ones the care that they specifically need within their homes, as they may strongly insist not to leave the place near and dear to their hearts.

Attentive Home Care, Inc. provides high-quality, non-medical home care in Virginia. We make sure to give your elderly loved ones the personalized services catered to their specific and unique needs and lifestyle, by thoroughly evaluating each of our clients’ situation, and attentively listening to their requests and special preferences. From there, we personalize any of the services required and offered by us, such as:

  • Personal Care
    Our personal care services include everything in the list of activities of daily living meant to take care of one’s self, such as bathing, grooming and hygiene, dressing, toileting, and mobility assistance. Our care providers are skilled and well-trained to properly handle and assist your senior loved ones with any and all of these tasks.
  • Homemaking
    Of course, activities of daily life are not only limited to personal needs but they should also include tasks that are done in the house as well. That is why our homemaking services cater to your senior loved ones’ needs in household chores and errands.
  • Companionship Care
    Life for the elderly isn’t only about maintaining a proper diet and taking the right medication before going to bed. Entertaining activities, engaging conversations, hobbies, and interests are what will keep your senior loved ones happy. For that, a companion will be what they would need.
  • Respite Care
    If you already have a family caregiver, or if you, yourself, are taking care of your elderly loved ones, then allow us to prevent you from being burnt out. Our respite care services will ensure that you or your family caregiver will also have the rest you need after a long day’s work.

At Attentive Home Care, we are a team of dedicated, compassionate, and well-trained care providers that aim to give an exceptional personal care in Herndon, Northern Virginia to our clients. Your elderly loved ones do not need to leave the comfort and safety of their own homes just to get the proper care, help, and assistance they need, for we personalize our services to suit their needs and lifestyle.

We are attentive to the needs of our clients and therefore are able to provide high-quality personal care and companionship in Herndon, Virginia that are done with compassion. Choose the option that will allow your senior loved ones to get a healthy, safe, and happy life. Choose Attentive Home Care, Inc.

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