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Preventing Elderly Falls at Home: Why You Need to Know

Preventing Elderly Falls at Home Why You Need to Know

For American seniors aged 65 and above, accidents caused by falls are risky and costly. In fact, falling is so common at their age that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recorded 1 out of 4 seniors falls each year. That’s about millions of American seniors annually. Don’t wait for your senior loved one to be part of the statistics.

As a provider of Personal Care in Herndon, Northern Virginia, we would like to highlight how crucial fall prevention for your senior family member is:

  • Risks and expenses
    Still from the same CDC data, elderly falls have been the prominent cause of injuries in older seniors, particularly broken hips and injuries to the head. A great number of seniors are even hospitalized because of hip fractures still linked with falls at home. In the year 2015 alone, medication expenses for senior falls reached up to $50 billion. Out of this expenditure, 75% was shouldered by Medicare and Medicaid. Because the fall risks are so common, research suggests that by the year 2030, 7 out of 10 seniors could pass away every year because of falls.
  • Consequences of falls

    Fall accidents for a senior person can result to the following:

    • Broken bones, especially the hips, wrists, and ankles
    • Head injuries that can sometimes cause traumatic brain injury
    • Fear of falling develops, which reduces activities that could improve the quality of living
    • Injuries that affect mobility and lose personal independence
  • Reasons why seniors fall

    A senior’s falls can be caused by the following factors, which are also changeable or preventable:

    • Weakness in the legs
    • Deficiency in vitamin D for strong bones
    • Balancing difficulties
    • Medication impact
    • Eyesight issues
    • Foot-related pains
    • Home hazards, such as slippery floors or uneven steps
  • Preventive actions

    You can help your senior loved one be prevented from any falls at home through the following steps:

    • Getting health advice from their doctor
    • Performing balancing activities that the doctor approves
    • Getting an eye checkup and vision supporting devices
    • Installing safety precautions at home
    • Getting someone who can provide Companionship in Herndon, Virginia

A lot of a senior’s life can be affected because of one fall. Aside from possible injuries to the bones, they could also have injuries to the emotions when the fall results in a disability. Many disabilities from elderly injuries can rob them of personal independence, which can put seniors at greater risk for depression and other mental illnesses. Because of the sensitivity of these conditions, your senior loved one will need long-term care. To some seniors, they would even need life-long care assistance.

If you have a senior loved one who wants to become self-sufficient after their recent fall, we can help them. Our team at Attentive Home Care, Inc. is composed of dedicated and well-trained care providers who are able to serve your family member with a high-quality level of care and assistance. Just contact us when you need this service.

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