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What Seniors Need: 7 Things Every Family Caregiver Ought to Know

What Seniors Need 7 Things Every Family Caregiver Ought to Know

Do you know what your senior loved one needs? As a family caregiver, knowing about their needs is very essential in being able to provide exactly what they need.

Being a premier provider of Personal Care in Herndon, Northern Virginia, let us share with you the essential needs of seniors that you, as a family caregiver, can assist with.

  1. Well-prepared meals
    In their aging years, your loved one will need as much nutrition they can get. Their nutritional needs are primarily provided in their meals. It’s important to always check if they’re being served with healthy foods every time. Starting with fruits and vegetables can always help.
  2. Safety and security
    Your senior loved one can also be at risk for falls, trips, slips, and even deception. There are many ill-intent individuals who are preying on vulnerable seniors especially those who are living alone. With you as the family caregiver, you can ensure that they’re safe and secure most, if not all, of their aging years.
  3. Managing medications
    Our elderly loved ones may already be taking medications or supplements to address their varying physical conditions. However, they can also be at risk of non-adherence or taking the wrong dosage. When they have someone who can assist or remind them, they can surely benefit from their well-managed medication intake.
  4. Hygiene and personal care
    The appearance and basic hygiene practices of your aging loved one are key elements in identifying if they’re still able to care for themselves or not. These factors have to be addressed all the time as these can invite infections or complications unnecessarily.
  5. Keeping company
    The presence of another person at home to provide Companionship in Herndon, Virginia doesn’t just ensure that your loved one’s care needs are met, but also, they have someone to do things with and talk with. These are activities that can greatly boost the mental health of a senior person, which can effectively push depression or anxiety at bay.
  6. Errand or transportation assistance
    Going outdoors can be also extra risky for seniors. As many older adults can no longer drive or are going to be risky on the road as drivers, getting to their destinations or doing outdoor errands may be difficult. Knowing this need, you can assist in undertaking the errands yourself or driving for your loved one instead.
  7. Mobility assistance
    The simple ability to walk from bedroom to bathroom can be challenging also for some seniors. Their mobility skills can revive their sense of independence. With your presence, you can see to it that they can get the assistance they need so that they can move safely about at home without necessarily stepping over their independence.

As your partner in providing quality Home Care in Virginia, let us partner with you in overseeing the needs of your aging loved one. When you need our services at Attentive Home Care, Inc., we’d be glad to be of assistance.

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