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Tips to Help Prevent Food Poisoning in Older Adults


Aging individuals often have troubles with a lot of daily household chores. Their limited mobility hinders them from doing things that they were able to do before with relative ease. Most families take advantages of assistance opportunities from providers of Home Care in Virginia so that all chores can get done. This is not to say that they are incapable of taking care of themselves. But, with the effects of old age already becoming a norm in their current situation, their health and safety are on the line.

When it comes to their nutrition, they may need a certain level of help. Older adults are prone to food poisoning due to the following circumstances:

  • forgetting to take out food products which are way beyond their expiration dates;
  • consuming spoiled food as they find it a hassle to prepare meals every time;
  • not being able to read food items correctly due to poor vision resulting in them consuming foods that should not be consumed.

To help prevent food poisoning, here are a number of things that you can do:

  • Remind them of proper hand hygiene.
    They should always keep their hands clean by washing their hands thoroughly. Let them use mild soap good for aging skin. If they have troubles with hygiene, a provider of Personal Care in Herndon, Northern Virginia can provide the assistance they need.
  • Keep their living environment clean.
    A clean environment is essential for good overall health. Make sure to keep their living environment clean, especially in areas where food is stored, prepared, cooked, and served.
  • Cook meals well.
    Each type of food has a certain level of cooking temperature. See to it that all foods are cooked well to prevent food poisoning. Some raw meats actually contain a lot of bacteria which can be dangerous to any aging individual whose immune system has become weak.
  • Make use of the refrigerator.
    Store food products accordingly, especially frozen ones. Put raw meat and poultry inside the fridge. Cooked leftover foods should also be put inside the fridge immediately.
  • Have someone prepare their meals.
    Having someone else prepare the meals for them can help ensure that the required actions for meal preparation have been taken. A provider of Companionship in Herndon, Virginia can help in this case. You or other members of the family can also take part in the chore.

Get in touch with Attentive Home Care, Inc. today. We offer a variety of services to address your or your aging loved ones’ long-term care needs.

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